Will Lewis was the primary antagonist in Killing 101. He was portrayed by Julian Viglietti.


Killing 101

Lucas Jones hires internet user Will Lewis over to his house to train as his serial killer to kill his best friend and ex-girlfriend. Lucas and Wildeye travel to Paul's house and kill him before returning to Lucas'. Lucas and Will argue before Lucas pulls his mask off. Will leaves, claiming he'll regret that. That night, Lucas is writing in his journal when Will torments him before breaking into his house and trying to kill him.


Lucas hired Will Lewis to be his serial killer, they worked well together until Lucas forced his mask off and learnt his true identity. Will then tried to kill Lucas before Lucas shot him dead.


  • Will's face was never officially seen, but his stunts were performed by Julian Viglietti.
  • Will wore a mask and voice changer to protect his identity.
  • He attempted to kill Lucas after Lucas learnt his true identity.
  • Will's story will be deeply examined in Killing 103.