This article is about the identities of those who have adopted the Wildeye persona. You may be looking for Wildeye.

Setup by Daniel to contact Lucas and offer his service to kill Paul and Ashley, was also setup by Wildeye to be killed.

Friend of Daniel, helped him create the sequel and third film. Was eventually murdered by him.

Found by Wildeye who wanted him to create a horror movie. Daniel orchestrated many events so the plot would fall into place. Eventually Daniel wanted out and was tasked with killing Lucas however they betrayed him and unmasked him.

Friend of Lucas who he hired to kill Daniel in Killing 103

Director of the Killing 101: The TV Series, his motives are somewhat unknown but it is presumed he wanted to shut down production of the TV Show or promote it.

Brother of Daniel Viglietti, Julian was the mastermind behind Wildeye and was orchestrating it all since the first time he contacted Daniel after seeing his movies. Julian was killed by Lucas and Daniel.

The girlfriend of Julian, she travelled to Los Angeles to kill Daniel and tried to kill Lucas with explosives but failed. She returned to Australia where she met Lucas when he returned.