Why are you doing this me?
—Lucas to Wildeye

Lucas Jones is the main protagonist in the Killing 101 franchise. He is portrayed by Daniel Viglietti.


Killing 101

Lucas Jones hires internet user Will Lewis over to his house to train as his serial killer to kill his best friend and ex-girlfriend. Lucas and Wildeye travel to Paul's house and kill him before returning to Lucas'. Lucas and Will argue before Lucas pulls his mask off. Will leaves, claiming he'll regret that. That night, Lucas is writing in his journal when Will torments him before breaking into his house and trying to kill him.

Killing 102: Cult of Wildeye

Lucas is browsing a website dedicated to Wildeye when he receives a call taunting him about his return. Lucas has no idea what to think and when he hears noises outside he ventures out, but finds nothing. Lucas gets back into his house and receives another threatening text before he decides to call the police. During his call, Smiling Man Wildeye emerges and intimidates him before throwing a knife into the bench top and chasing Lucas into the Dining Room where "Jason Wildeye" knocks him down with a machete. Jason leaves the job for Smiling Man and says he'll be "waiting downstairs". Smiling Man stabs Lucas and takes off his mask before leaving him to die. A few hours later, Lucas, who is just barely alive tries to grab the ringing phone but when he gets it, it loses battery. One of the Wildeyes, presumably Smiling Man, re-enters the Dining Room and takes the phone and the mask and leaves the house, leaving Lucas to die once more.

Killing 103: Endgame

Lucas hires a friend to help him kill Daniel but is attacked by another killer before this happens. Lucas is trapped in the basement and learns the true identity of Wildeye.

Killing 104

Lucas tries moving on from The Killer but Daniel returns and together they work to unmask Wildeye.


Originally best friends, Lucas and Paul had a falling out when Paul stole his girlfriend Ashley Cartwright from him. Ever since then, Lucas has sworn revenge.

Madly in love, Lucas and Ashley were inseparable, but after she cheated on him with Paul Wilson, Lucas has since sworn revenge.

Lucas hired Will Lewis to be his serial killer, they worked well together until Lucas forced his mask off and learnt his true identity. Will then tried to kill Lucas before Lucas shot him dead.

Whilst never seen on screen together. Lucas met Daniel after he was attacked by Wildeye and Daniel asked if he could use his story to create a series of short films to which Lucas agreed, but refused to be in them. Considering Lucas and Daniel could almost be identical twins, Daniel portrayed Lucas himself.

Lucas and Wildeye have been sworn enemies since Day 1 and they are not afraid to come back for revenge.


  • Lucas Jones is portrayed by Daniel Viglietti. In the films there is a Daniel Viglietti character and they claim that they've never met and that them looking exactly like each other is a total fluke.
  • Daniel Viglietti claims that he sees Lucas Jones as his final boy, similar to Sidney Prescott in Scream or Jamie Lee Curtis in Halloween, however with reversed roles.