Killing 106: Wildeye Returns
Killing 106 Final
Directed by Daniel Viglietti
Produced by Daniel Viglietti Productions
Written by Daniel Viglietti
Starring Daniel Viglietti
Julian Viglietti
Music by Kevin McLeod
Distributed by YouTube
Release date(s) 2019
Running time 20 Minutes
Language English
Budget N/A
Gross revenue N/A
Preceded by Killing 105
Followed by

Killing 106: Wildeye Returns is a Short Film produced by Daniel Viglietti in 2018. It is the seventh installment in the franchise and picks up where Killing 105 ended.



Lucas Jones (Daniel Viglietti) returns to Australia having collected the ashes of his now dead friend Daniel Viglietti (Daniel Viglietti).

In the final climax of Killing 101 ever, Lucas has one mask left to lift before Wildeye is put to rest forever, he will also learn unanswered secrets of the Wildeye clan, ones that will chance the course of time forever!

With guidance from the spirit of Daniel Viglietti, they work together to put to rest a 3 year long mystery. And the deal will destroy them all!


Picking up where Killing 105 left off, Lucas confirms with Wildeye all of his past crimes before he is led downstairs to the Games Room at gunpoint. Wildeye reveals her intentions for doing this are because she was avenging the death of Julian as they were romantically involved. She also reveals that she was part of the Wildeye team since day one. Lucas evades Wildeye and escapes back to his bedroom where he eventually comes face to face with her gun, right when we think it's over for Lucas, Wildeye is shot and killed by an unknown figure who is revealed to be Daniel Viglietti, at least his hologram. Daniel reveals that he survived his wounds in L.A., killed the coroner who inspected is body and used holograms to speak with him as he escaped back to Australia to stop Wildeye. Lucas removes Wildeye's mask and she is revealed to be his girlfriend Chloe Morris who was avenging Julian's death and acting as a double agent. One month later, Daniel and Lucas are completing production of Killing 101 in Los Angeles. They discuss how the reveal of WIldeye seemed to easy but both agree that it's because they're in real life, and not a movie. Lucas takes a moment to remeniss as "Good Life" by Kehlani plays. We witness a montage of Killing 101 and the credits role, indicating the conclusion of Killing 101.

Alternate Opening

An alternate ending was filmed before production was put on hold for script re-writes. It featured the same few lines as the current opening however a scene was added in which an unknown figure wearing the Dollface mask from The Strangers appeared behind Lucas and knocked him out. The figure takes off their mask and it is revealed to be Daniel Viglietti, who is really alive, and working for Wildeye. This was released on February 23rd, 2019.



Principal Photography began Thursday December 27th, the same day Killing 106 was announced. It commenced with the re-film and continuation of the ending of Killing 105, picking up directly where it left off. Production was put on hold in December for the Christmas holidays as well as to focus on script re-writes to correct the story. Filming continued on January 17th, 2019 where it was completed within two days.



  • This is the final film in the Killing 101 Franchise
  • Rumours for Killing 106 came in early December when Daniel Viglietti polled viewers on Facebook about whether they'd want a Ghost or Physical Daniel if there was a Killing 106.
  • Killing 106: Wildeye Returns was announced the same day, with principal photography already having been commenced.
  • Daniel Viglietti also announced that Lucas' long-time girlfriend Chloe Morris would make an appearence, but stated that the name of the actress would remain anonymous.