Killing 104
Killing 104
Directed by Daniel Viglietti
Produced by Daniel Viglietti Productions
Written by Daniel Viglietti
Starring Daniel Viglietti
Julian Viglietti
Music by Kevin McLeod
Distributed by YouTube
Release date(s) 2018
Running time 25 Minutes
Language English
Budget N/A
Gross revenue N/A
Preceded by Killing 103: Endgame
Followed by Killing 105

Killing 104 is a Short Film produced by Daniel Viglietti in 2018. It is the fifth installment in the franchise and continues after the events of Killing 103.



It's the year 2019. Six months have passed since the events of Killing 103: Endgame. With Daniel Viglietti off the grid, no more Wildeye attacks, and no more Killing 101 films, Lucas Jones has finally reverted back to a normal life. ​

Little does he know that there is still one final mask to lift. ​ The Leader of the Wildeye Team is still in action, and is holding Daniel hostage in an underground bunker as punishment for not killing Lucas. ​

The Leader gives Daniel one final chance to kill Lucas or else he'll kill Daniel. He frees Daniel and Daniel sets off to find Lucas. ​

Daniel and Lucas finally put their differences aside to team up and take down Wildeye once and for all!





Principal Photography began October 19th, 2018 with Daniel Viglietti filming his scenes in Los Angeles, California. The same basement he used in previous films was used and was re-designed to act as a Movie Set at Universal Studios. Filming continued November 3rd, 2018 with one half of a conversation between Lucas Jones and Daniel Viglietti with the second half of the conversation finished November 7th. On November 6th, filming was completed for a scene with character Daniel Viglietti trapped in a bunker. The same bedroom from previous films was used and as with the basement was re-designed to act as a bunker. Final scenes were completed on November 31st with the Climax being completed.



  • Daniel Viglietti announced this formerly two months after the Killing 103: Endgame, stating that he "wanted to continue telling the story after the ending of the previous film".
  • Production started October 2018 with principal photography and concluded November that same year.


  • Daniel Viglietti is still alive and being held in Wildeye's bunker
  • Daniel is released to kill Lucas
  • Lucas and Daniel team up to unmask Wildeye
  • Wildeye is revealed to be Julian Viglietti
  • A post credits scene reveals that Daniel moves to Los Angeles but is murdered by a new Wildeye killer.