Killing 103: Endgame
Killing 103
Directed by Daniel Viglietti
Produced by Daniel Viglietti Productions
Written by Daniel Viglietti
Starring Daniel Viglietti
Julian Viglietti
Music by Kevin McLeod
Distributed by YouTube
Release date(s) 2018
Running time 20 Minutes
Language English
Budget N/A
Gross revenue N/A
Preceded by Killing 102: Cult of Wildeye
Followed by N/A

Killing 103: Endgame is a Short Film produced by Daniel Viglietti in 2018. It was the original final installment in the franchise and is a direct sequel to Killing 102: Cult of Wildeye



Three months have passed since the events of Killing 102: Cult of Wildeye. Lucas has survived the ordeal from the previous Wildeye Killer and has been constantly exploited by the media. Lucas has released a sequel to his first book Wildeye Killer 2, and Daniel Viglietti has turned both books into movies, Killing 101 and Killing 102, which have received mixed reviews. ​

Sick of the exploitation and the killer, Lucas decides to take a more hands-on approach to try and eliminate Wildeye once and for all, hiring him to find and kill Daniel Viglietti, mastermind behind Killing 101, hoping that if he's gone then Wildeye will be gone. ​

When news of a Killing 103 is released, despite the fact that Daniel Viglietti sold the rights to the franchise, Lucas decides to fast track his plan to kill Daniel, and another killer decides to play Lucas at his own game and kill him instead. Is this Killer connected to Killing 103? ​

A Killing 101 TV series is also about to hit the air, after Daniel sold the rights to the franchise, and that killer comes out to play. ​

In the end game, Lucas learns the truth of the origins of Wildeye, a twist he never expected. What is this truth? Will Lucas survive? Will there be a Killing 103? ​

One thing's for sure in the finale... there are no rules to play by.





  • Daniel Viglietti confirmed that this will be the final installment in the Killing 101 franchise.
  • It was confirmed that this would be the longest of the three films as to wrap up multiple storylines and reveal the truth.
  • The film will take place entirely in Lucas Jones' house.
  • Daniel Viglietti will also appear as himself, it is unknown what his story will be.
  • There will be a TV Version of Killing 101 on Netflix in this film, a TV Killer will also be created.
  • The film has gone through many re-writes because Daniel wanted it to be perfect and leave no questions unanswered.
    • Part of the many re-writes was also to protect the Final Copy of the script from being leaked.
    • Ironically, a copy of the script was leaked on August 3rd, 2018. Daniel Viglietti did not make any comments apart from he was "disappointed and feel betrayed by the person who leaked it", he knows who leaked it but did not share his identity. The film went through a major rewrite.
  • We will learn the identity of Smiling Man Wildeye from Killing 102.
  • Lucas will hire his own Wildeye killer.
  • Daniel Viglietti sold the rights to the franchise because Lucas went into hiding.
  • This was supposed to be the final installment in the franchise but Daniel Viglietti decided to continue with a prequel and two sequels.