Killing 101: The TV Series
TV Series
"Same Story, Same Face, New Killer"
Directed by Will Stevenson
Produced by FremantleStudios
Written by Will Stevenson
Starring Daniel Viglietti
Music by
Distributed by Netflix ANZ
Release date(s) 2018
Running time 47 Minutes (basic episode length)
Language English
Budget AU150,000
Gross revenue
Preceded by Killing 102: Cult of Wildeye
Followed by

"Killing 101: The TV Series" is a TV Series based on the Killing 101 short film franchise produced after Daniel Viglietti sold the rights to make a living.

Plot Summary

6 Months after the events of Killing 102, Lucas Jones is out of hiding and living in a new house. But a new killer rises from the dead, revealing secrets about his past that he never knew, secrets that could destroy him forever.


  • Daniel Viglietti as Lucas Jones
  • Unnamed Actress as Chloe
  • Will Stevenson as Wildeye


  • Killing 101 TV Series is a plot device to be used in Killing 103.
  • Behind the scenes.. Daniel Viglietti sold the rights to Killing 101 after he had no fuel to make a new film and he needed to make a living. The show was bought by FremantleStudios and was to be distributed by Netflix. Lucas Jones refused to play himself so they hired Daniel Viglietti instead.
  • A new killer mask was introduced to be Wildeye, he has been dubbed "TV Wildeye".